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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here Comes The Heat!

 Timing Bunny's Outdoor Playtime in the Spring to Summer

While spring is still in the air throughout most of the northern hemisphere, temperatures are on the rise and bunnies left outside or given their "outside play time" are at great risk of heat stroke.
Please remember any temperature over 80-85 degrees can be deadly to rabbits so if it's warming up where you are, take bunny outside in the early morning hours for his or her supervised outside time.

Once the thermometer hits 80 degrees coupled with the warm spring sun, tragedy can strike within minutes dependent upon the breed, color and age of your bunny. 

Indoor play time can be just as satisfying for your bun so make some great cardboard houses, find some seagrass mats for bun to chew and dig on and spend time on the floor with your bun and a variety of toys to keep him or her entertained and you two bonded. It's never worth the risk to expose your bunny to warm temperatures so take precautions and move the party inside this time of year. Bun will thank you for it!

 (This is called Bun-Therapy at our house!
   Apparently this guy has just started his. LOL)

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