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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bunny Toy Ideas!

 These are great ideas to keep your bunny from being bored or getting into trouble chewing things he shouldn't!
Here is the complete link:

Bunny Ethel taking a break from digging in her shredded paper dig box.

I've been meaning to make this thread for a while and just haven't gotten to it.  You see, my hubby and I love making toys for our rabbits to play with.  Most of the stuff in petstores is so boring and a lot of the stuff we could buy online is so expensive.  So I thought I'd post about what we've made and see what other people have made so we can share ideas.

Here's a couple of my favorites.

Cardboard toys are mandatory in my house!  The bunny maze...

The Bunny Playground 2000 (my hubby's creation): Hay tube columns, two bunny dig boxes, a vertical hay filled tube, a bunny abacus, rabbit cubicles, post it note wall papering, three seperate dangle toys, a mini-maze, wall mounted notebook (open of course), And three levels of rabbit enjoyment.

And the cardboard curtain:

Those ones are really easy and cheap to make. Pack of wooden clips for a dollar, the colourful sticks come in a bunch of bundles along with square wooden beads all for a dollar, and some twine. Good chew toy and good for throwing around.

Essentially all of the components I've already mentioned, put together and hung up. I've recently found that Moo SHoo seems to prefer toys that are hung, so he can really go at them without them rolling away (especially since his cage has three levels and the toys can roll down away from him). He really likes things that jinle, so cat jingly balls work very well.

A carboard tube cut up into rings can make for a good component in a toy too, like you see there.