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Friday, April 15, 2016

Common X-Rays of Bunnies

 These are some of the common x-rays of your bunny if you go in for any issues with stasis or gas issues.  
Also included are some to show the delicate bone structure, which are amazing.

 Normal rabbit x-ray seen from the side view.

Stomach full of food that has dried with hair...(what can happen during moulting season causing stasis). Cecum is empty here. (side view)

 A view of the distended stomach full of food and hair.

Intestines filled with gas from digestion process.

Total stasis. Cecum filled with gas, stomach fully distended. Day before surgery.

Rabbit suffering from respiratory distress. Mass leads to dorsal displacement of heart and lungs.

   Arrow shows where the spine is fractured.

A look at the delicate rabbit pelvis.

Other x-rays can be seen at: