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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Super Hero Hershey - e. cuniculi survivor

byHouse Rabbit Network
We recently got the email below at the HRN info email box. Hershey is a rescue bun (not HRN) who was successfully treated for e. cunniculi. We wanted to share his story and the link to the HRN article that spurred Hershey's owner to write the email. He proves that this once deadly disease can be treated effectively! 
Hershey's mom Lore writes: "I just read Kathy Smith's article on treating E. cuniculi. It was excellent. My dwarf house bunny, Hershey, got E. cuniculi in 2004 at the age of three. He was terribly sick presenting with severe balance problems, no appetite and extreme thirst. He weighed less than three pounds when healthy. We were fortunate to have been seeing [a bunny savvy vet] who treated him with oxibendazole and baytril. I fed him by hand for about six weeks and he recovered with a slight head tilt. To help him rehab I put a rubber bottomed rug in a small laundry basket, then put him on the rug. I gently rocked the basket back and forth to help him regain balance, which he did. He lived another four and a half years. He was an amazing little bunny and I just wanted to share this to give people hope that some bunnies can overcome E. cuniculi."

 This is the article about treatment on HRN's resource page:http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/articles/treatment.shtml

"What is E. cunicunli?"