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Sunday, May 15, 2016

What Do Rabbits See?

by Dana M. Krempels, Ph.D. 

Many house rabbit "parents" are curious to know what the world looks like to their lagomorph companion. Why does it seem difficult for my bunny to find food right in front of his face? Why is my bunny so easily startled or frightened if I walk into the room holding a box or a grocery bag? Can my rabbit see colors?

The rabbit visual system is designed--not for foraging and locomotion--but to quickly and effectively detect approaching predators from almost any direction. The eyes are placed high and to the sides of the skull, allowing the rabbit to see nearly 360 degrees, as well as far above her head. Rabbits tend to be farsighted, which explains why they may be frightened by an airplane flying overhead even if their human companion can barely see it. (It could be a hawk! Run!) The price the bunny pays for this remarkable field of vision is a small blind spot directly in front of his face. When your bunny cocks her head and seems to be looking at you "sideways," she is actually looking as straight at you as is possible for a bunny.


What about color vision?
Behavioral studies published in the early 1970's indicate that rabbits can discriminate between the wavelengths we call "green" and "blue."  Although rabbits may not perceive green and blue the way we do, they *can* tell them apart.

Can my rabbit see me clearly, or am I just a big blur?

The image formed by Rabbit eye is relatively "grainy" compared to the one formed by our eyes, but it serves the rabbit well. Using this image, your voice, body movements and scent as cues, your rabbit can recognize you (his favorite human)--as long as you're not carrying a scary box that completely changes your familiar shape!

Knowing a little more about how another creature sees the world allows us to come one step closer to understanding its behavior--and modifying our own to make life happier for everyone.


         --Below may be an example of how a rabbit sees: