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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Indoor Rabbit Cages: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Why Indoor is Better For Bunny:

 So you have a house rabbit and now want to know the best way to contain your bunny.  Many people allow their bunnies to run free range around the house 24/7.  But for some rabbit owners this is not practical for many reasons.
Below we will look at several different "cage" ideas and what is the best choice for you and your bunny.  Just remember, whatever cage you choose, you bunny MUST have several hours of exercise and social time everyday!

Custom House Rabbit Enclosure

A custom enclosure makes a fine option for your pet rabbit.  You can find separate wire storage cubes at most big box stores and build the enclosure yourself, often for less than the cost of a cage or puppy pen .  Stacking the cubes creates levels and using metal or wood slats between the levels creates a floor for your pet.  The levels offer your pet the opportunity to get a bit of exercise and relieve boredom.

Be careful not to leave unintended gaps in the slats as your rabbit could get stuck and suffer an injury.  Make sure the slats are secured for the same reason.  Don’t ever attempt to make your own enclosure using chicken wire.  The wire is easy for a rabbit to chew through.

Building a condo video:

Several building ideas if you decide to build on your own:

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These are also available at Target in the closet section and at Wal Mart.

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Puppy Play Pens for Your Bunny

Puppy pens provide an excellent environment for your house rabbit, especially if you plan to eventually allow your pet to roam about the room.  A large puppy pen provides enough space for food and litter, is movable, and helps your bunny become accustomed to an area of the room as his or her own space.
Puppy pens come without a top enclosure, so make sure you get one that’s high enough to prevent escape.  Also, protect your floor by lining the bottom of the pen with a piece of vinyl, wood or a rug.  Just make sure your bunny doesn’t tear up and ingest the material as this could be harmful.

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These are also available at local pet stores, although typically have higher prices.
*We recommend 36" or taller as many rabbits learn to jump or climb out of the shorter pens.


Open Room

If you have an available room that has been bunny-proofed,  consider letting your house rabbit roam free about that area.  Your pet will enjoy the freedom of being able to hop, run or investigate his or her surroundings at leisure.  Place litter, food, water and a box with fresh hay in an area of the room designated for your bunny.   Your pet needs a specific place to call his own when need be.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Outdoor rabbit hutches are not recommended.  For one reason, you’ll want to keep your house rabbit protected from both the elements and predators.  For another, your pet is social and so are you.  Take the time to invest in a relationship with your house rabbit and you won’t be disappointed!
However, hutches can be good to give your bunny a bit of time outside on a mild day OR use the hutch in your home!  Many hutches these days are very attractive and would make great indoor enclosures.
A word of caution:  There are several rabbit hutches on the market today that have pens on the bottom for your bunny to munch on grass.  However these pens do not have bottoms!  That means your bun can easily dig out without constant supervision!
Check out some of the cool hutch designs on Amazon here

Store Bought Starter Rabbit Cages

We typically discourage this type of cage simply because it doesn't give the bunny a fair chance of staying out of his own waste, and could loose any potty training skills that were already learned. Also, if the family becomes busy for any reason, there is not enough room for them to be left in the cage to have any sort of exercise.

We typically use the bases of these cages for large littler boxes where hay doesn't get scattered out of the box easily.

Cages, while not the optimum choice for housing your pet, can be used judiciously.   As long as you are faithful about making sure your house rabbit gets plenty of exercise, interaction, and time to play, a large cage could be appropriate.  

Make sure there’s lots of room for your pet to move around.  Also, there needs to be room for your bunny’s food, water, litter box and toys.
Remember the wire bottom of a cage can be tough on bunny’s tender paw pads and grids can trap your pet‘s foot.  Provide wood or tile to line the bottom so your pet doesn’t get injured.  If you allow your pet to roam free within the room where the cage is located, make sure your cage has a pet-door.  Never confine your pet rabbit in a glass aquarium.

Despite what many think, house rabbits don't have to have outside time because they
are bunnies to be happy. Many actually are frightened by the sounds we cannot hear.
They may be new to them or cause them to remember sounds from a traumatic past
if they came from a bad situation. So many rather sit indoors and bask in the sunlight
from the kitchen windows!

If you have one of those rare bunnies that are interested in exploring and show no signs
of fear of the outdoors, you can try it and see.
Things always seems to happen when the humans step inside for that second.

The easiest solution for bunny outside time without having to practically build a fort to keep the bunny from escaping or being picked up by a hawk during playtime is a pen as shown.
These are typical available in a pet store, or the larger versions ordered online through their sites.

Despite what you know about your bunny, make sure you get a play pen with a top of some kind
or make one from a sheet and clothespins AT LEAST!! They WILL monkey climb out if they are scared enough in any situation. If that were to ever happen, they listen to their instinct, not the human.