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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Determining a Rabbit's sex

Viewing a Male Rabbit

Male rabbits have testicles that descend between 9-20 weeks of age. If your rabbit has not been fixed, the easiest thing to look for is the testicles. They are near the genital opening and flesh colored. Fur often hides the testicles, so you will need to feel with your fingers pushing fur out of the way.
If your rabbit is young or has been neutered, you will need to examine the genitals. Gently place a finger to each side and lightly apply pressure down. Examine what pops up. Sometimes the penis pops right out. 
Other times, the penis does not appear, but you see a tube with a small opening at the top. Even though this is a round opening, this is a boy!

Just because something pops up does not mean you have a boy. Girls pop out too. Please view their pictures to see the differences. 

Here is how to determine if your rabbit is a girl or to see where the or a genitals are located.

                 Viewing a Female Rabbit
Once again you will need to place two fingers to each side of the genitals and gently apply pressure. Girls can best be characterized as having a slit. It is a opening that starts at the high point and ends where the genitals meet the body, near the anus.

Sometimes the area appears to have some dark red coloring, and other times it is pink.

What sometimes confuses people is that "something"- the vulva, pops out and there can be some height. Here are two side views, where you can see the height of the vulva. These are "girl" pictures. Don't let the height confuse you. You need to examine the opening.

From the side, the vulva can appear to be shaped like a pyramid.

Here is how to determine if your rabbit is a boy or to see where the or a genitals are located.

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