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Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Where Do I Buy Hay and Pellets?"

There are SO many choices where to buy hay, it can be too easy to just run in and grab what looks "pretty" and get out to get everyone home after that long day.
So, we made this list (from our own experience and local options) to hopefully help cut down on the wondering and save you some time and headaches!

                   1-2 Bunny Home:                       

PetSmart :
http://www.petsmart.com/ is our go-to for the Snack Shaks as well as Kaytee Timothy hay and Oxbow Timothy Pellets. We get Kaytee hay since the bags are
bigger and they really cram a lot in there The hay last a LONG time, so no worries if you have a slow eater. The Oxbow brand Adult (since our buns are older) has been the favorite and has not changed the ingredients over the years like Kaytee has without warning, so we go with what saves us vet bills!!

If you have a chewer, these are wonderful busy toys. Our Rex is notorious for this and she also has been prone to GI Stasis and has NO issues whatsoever over the past year. She only takes 2-3 weeks to chew one to nothing.

Snack Shak link- http://www.petsmart.com/small-pet/food/ecotrition-trade-snak-shak-trade-

PetCo :
is not our first choice, only because they tend to be higher on hay and pellets where we live, and we have to be careful that the hay hasn't already turned brown, which means it has been there in the lights for some time. Its an emergency stop for us.

                     3-5 Bunny Home:                     

You get to choose depending on how much you buns can actually go through as far as hay, where would be the best as far as what works best for your budget. Our buns can eat some hay, and really, more is good to prevent GI Stasis of course. But there are always those picky eaters out there!
For the picky eaters, follow the 1-2 Bunny Home guidelines above, and you should be fine.
For those mega-eaters, like our bunch, these are the two main places we will go between depending on who has the sale going on.
** (Keeping in mind, Foster & Smith will be the only ones to sell the bigger bags of Oxbow Timothy pellets. So, of we need both hay and pellets, we will go with them and grab the papaya treats, Timothy hay cubes, and roll through the sale items too.)

Tractor Supply Co.:
 To get Timothy hay here, it is MUCH CHEAPER for 50 LBS than ordering online, and its great quality and stays fresh.  

Have a plastic bin to dump into and pull apart, because it is very compact! We pay $17 compared to $55-68 online, but when they are out, you do what you have to for those mega-eaters!

Timothy cubes in bulk:
http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/standlee-hay-certified-premium-alfalfa-timothy-grass-cube-40-lb Yes, its says "Alfalfa/Timothy Cubes", but apparently they don't sell just Timothy anymore, but as treats, drive the bunnies crazy and its been much better than constant sweets.

**For Timothy pellets in large amounts, you are best to order online as below:

Foster & Smith:
http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=6067+17311+17281&pcatid=17281 - Free shipping over $49

Oxbow Timothy Hay: With our heavy hay eaters, even when they cut back a bit, this hay stays good for a long time since its in a box, then plastic. It has never molded and actually never turned brown on us even having it a couple of months in the garage!

Oxbow Pellets: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=16618
We order the largest bag of pellets offered. It has never gone bad on us, but with the number of bunnies we have and 1/4 cup per bunny a day, it actually can go faster than you think!

Papaya Treats: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=8370
These are great during shedding and molting. Papaya helps push that nasty hair on through!

Timothy Cubes: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=6278
Our bunnies think the cubes ARE treats, so these are great!

http://www.pet360.com/product/3813/oxbow-western-timothy-hay  is a good place for the 50lb hay when its on sale and Foster and Smith isn't, so we check both sites if that's all we need and Tractor Supply is out.

You will be out of luck on Oxbow pellets and healthy treats here, so hay is about it, but if you have a dog or cat, there's free shipping on orders over $79.

                       5+ Bunny Home:                    

Well if you are one of the many homes with a large group, definitely go by the 3-5 Bunny Home Guide and look for that Tractor Supply Co. for the Hay and Foster and Smith for pellets! We have been here and anyone with free shipping is a MUST online.

We have found unpacking those big boxes of hay into large plastic tubs with w loose cover in our bunny room has been the best thing for freshness, and keeping the box

in the room to refill as needed. What little time we have ever stored in our garage has been in winter, otherwise its upstairs in the extra rom with AC just in case.
Pellets, the same thing. We haven't had an issue yet.

If you have a grocery that offers a store card to allow a cheaper price for romaine like Kroger, take advantage of that and make the trip. It is worth it. Our Wal-Mart has awful romaine through the winter and part of the summer. Kroger has the largest bunches I have ever seen we can get for 99 cents with the card.

Find every little thing like this you can to save when you have a "hoard", like we call ours! LOL We also call them "moochers" when Spring hits and they seem to eat everything in sight in 90-nothing! ha ha

We hope these ideas have helped or helped give you ideas for you own local areas as where to look for supplies!



Quality hay and pellets, why Timothy is better:

Papaya for GI Stasis:

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