About Us!

Welcome to our page! We do our best to provide to-be and current bunny owners up-to-date info on the best care for their house rabbits. When we adopted our first bunny in 2005, there was almost nothing on the internet to tell us how to care for him. Just in the past few years, information has exploded online, and now it can be confusing! We try to simplify it by posting weekly articles on current issues, daily care, concerns, proper feeding, and other info so you can enjoy your house-bun! If you are just finding us, feel free to look through the older posts also. Please email us if you have any questions! Happy bunnies make happy hearts!
Email: thebunnyhut101@yahoo.com

Shopping List For Your New Bunny

After the initial costs, the average monthly cost runs about $50 without any emergency trips to the vet. It is very important for your bunny to have a yearly checkup just like a cat or dog to have teeth and gut checked for abnormalities. 


House Supplies:

·         Water crock (large)
·         Food crock -  heavy enough so your bunny can ‘t throw it!
·         Plastic litter box
·         Equine pine pellets or edible litter, such as Carefresh or Yesterday's News (no cedar, pine, or clumping litter!) 



·        Pet carrier- Don't Forget!

How to transport Bunny:

·         Timothy hay and timothy pellets, Oxbow brand
·         Unlimited grass hay:  timothy, oat, orchard grass
·         Fresh vegetables (romaine, red or green leaf lettuce)

Where to buy Hay & Pellets: http://www.thebunnyhut101.com/2014/12/where-do-i-buy-hay-and-pellets.html

Best Pellets & Hay for Bunny:

Cleaning Supplies:
·         White vinegar (diluted with water 4:1) to soak pan when stained, otherwise use warm water and soap

Grooming Supplies:
·         Comb or brush
·         Nail clippers


Electrical Cord Protection:
·         PVC tubing; or
·         Aquarium tubing; or
·         Electrical cord wrap from Radio Shack; or
·         Hooks to fasten wires to wall above where bunny can reach


Protecting your house from Bunny!